Interview with an American Monk: Health and Healing

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This is the second book of a series of interviews with an American Monk, Dr. Steven Hair eld. His understanding of life, of energy and of the universe is unparalleled by most western minds. He has an extensive background in nontraditional education by our American standards. Each time that we have had a conversation with him, he has shifted our perspectives in a variety of directions and expanded our minds to other ways of looking into our selves and looking into and at life and our surroundings. He is open and very genuine in his perspectives on a variety of subjects. He operates with and through consciousness or as he puts it, he works directly with the idea of the Creative Principle in a knowing sense. He says he does not separate himself from It like the majority of humanity and it is this idea alone that creates illness and inner disturbance with one's own self. If one desires to be whole then they must learn to operate in union with Higher Cause and not the lower as we do in this part of the world. His philosophy is this that if a person operates as one then there is no disturbance and one is able to view Cause with deep sincerity. Then truth is shown them in all things for, as one, there is no judgment of any event. It is our mental judgments that separate us from Cause and this we shouldn't do on any level within us. It is about the inner experience of life and not the outer. The inner is the truth and the outer is the illusion. The outer takes our true power of being away from us for we do not realize that we are the true temple of life and life is an honor.

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