Indonesian Blue Amber


Amber is an organic resin or tree sap first formed when the Earth’s temperatures were much warmer than today. Under UV light, this blue amber exhibits a color phenomenon produced by the resin of trees that have been extinct for close to 40 million years. UV light stimulates this unique blue surface fluorescence, which doesn’t just pass through the stone like other crystals but is completely absorbed by it. Blue amber also emits an aromatic fragrance when it’s exposed to flame (although we don’t suggest lighting it on fire). Blue amber comes with all the protective and clearing qualities of amber, with the additional properties of insight, vision, and intuition. It’s a powerful gem to work with that boosts your confidence as you embrace and strengthen your intuitive abilities. This stone is a gorgeous and rare gem to add to your collection. Meditate with it to enhance your visions and call forth powerful psychic protection.

Raw Pieces
Size: $40 piece is about 1.75" by 1"
        $50 piece is about 2" by 1.25"
        $65 piece is about 3" by 1.5" 

Shaped Piece
Size: $20 pieces are about 1"
         $120 piece is about 4" by 1.25"

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