How “Healing Crystals” really works?


QUANTUM MIND OF HEALING CRYSTALS ~ And New Alchemy of Isotopicity ~

By ALEXANDER BEREZIN, PhD (theoretical physics)

Millions people around the world own and wear “Healing Crystals” (quartz and others) and draw health benefits from them. This is the ONLY book in crystal literature that EXPLAINS in QUANTUM PHYSICS TERMS (no technicalities, common-level explanations) how “Healing Crystals” really works.

This book is based on years of Alexanders research and extends the work of such crystal scientists as Dr. Marcel Vogel into the realm of quantum physics.  

The key concept of this book is the idea of “ISOTOPIC NEURAL NETWORKS” (INN) that form in various biological and “non-organic” structures (such as crystals) due to the randomness of isotopes of the prime chemical elements (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, silicon and others). For example, in case of quartz crystals (silicon dioxide), isotopic randomness of oxygen and silicon isotopes makes crystals “quasi-alive” informationally-active entities that are capable to interact with human hosts, provide healing energy and balance chakras. 

In this way, we can grasp the “physical reasons” why some people treat their crystals (quartz and others) as their “personal pets” that may resonate with our individuality and, in some way, can “understand” our health and emotional needs similar to what our cats and dogs can do. 

Apart from crystals, this book talks on a number of other topics, such as “Water Memory” (Quantum Homeopathy), Morphogenetic Fields of Rupert Sheldrake or the ideas of Gregory Sams (his book, “Sun of God”) that our Sun is not just a “huge ball of hot gas”, but, in fact, is a living and conscious (!) being with mind far superior to our own (hold on, these arguments are pretty strong!). 

Alexander (Alex) Berezin, PhD, Professor (Emeritus), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Over 400 publications, including ca. 160 articles in major physical and engineering journals [Physical Review, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Nature, Science Progress (Oxford), Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, Medical Hypotheses, Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Mathematical Physics, Kybernetes, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, American Journal of Physics,  etc.], 5 books, 65 articles in conference proceedings and 260 other publications (abstracts of talks and seminars, magazine and newspaper articles, numerous contributed chapters to collective editions). Several thousand citations from all across the world.


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