Healing Mudras for Your Mind: Yoga for Your Hands


HEALING MUDRAS for Your MIND - Volume II. Full COLOR - THE POWER TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS Mudras are yoga movements involving only the arms and hands. They are extremely easy to do, but so powerful they can bring you health, wealth, balance, success, and happiness. How? By liberating the energy locked within your body - the energy channels called NADIS and energy centers called CHAKRAS - and directing it to help you meet your goals and deal with the problems of everyday life. This second book in Healing Mudras series, includes full color illustrated instructions for performing the Mudras for your Mind. The Mudra expert and bestselling author Sabrina Mesko includes breathing exercises, eye movements, mantras, meditations, visualizations, prayers, and affirmations to enhance the power of each. In this Healing Mudras -Volume II. Edition, you will find Mudra for Facing Fear, Patience, Overcoming Anxiety, Removing Depression, Self-Confidence, Concentration, Efficiency and more.

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