Harlequin (Hematoid/Fire) Quartz Tumbled


Harlequin Quartz is a powerful emotional balancer, encouraging self love, self worth and self acceptance; and healing old self punishing wounds. Harlequin Quartz is a remover of fear based control over life's events, stimulating the loving energy of the heart to permeate the consciousness. Harlequin Quartz can be used to connect with one's spirit guide, and is a useful meditative aide for soul retrieval and inner child healing.

Lepidocrocite is often found in quartz and can be used to enhance perception, intuition and instinct. It is grounding while stimulating the mind allowing us to gain knowledge and retain it. It strengthens the connection between the chakras, auric feld and subtle bodies. It helps us to realise that our strength comes from Love and Spiritual paths.

Chakras: Root
Zodiac: Scorpio

From: Brazil

~Size: Approximate 2.25"-3"

*may vary from image shown

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