Green Apatite Raw (Ontario)

$2.50 $5

Green Apatite is calcium phosphate mineral. Its colour range is from bright “Spring fresh” green, through to a deeper olive green and green/brown or green/blue and can range from clear to quite opaque in appearance. Green Apatite is a healing stone for both humans and the Earth. Green Apatite is a stone for manifesting and awakening the heart chakra. Green Apatite is also a wonderful crystal for those with frayed nerves and who are dealing with stressful situations. Blending the energies of the heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye, Green Apatite allows one to understand the balanced between the heart and the mind.

These lovely specimens are from Bancroft, Ontario and dug up by a local rockhounder.

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Gemini

From: Ontario

~Size: $5 Approximately 1"-1.25"
           $10 Approximately 1.5"

*may vary from image

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