Golden Sheen Obsidian Tumbled


Golden Sheen Obsidian has a bright energy, very different than pure black Obsidian.  It is an empowering stone, yet one that also helps us to keep our egos in check so that they don’t dominate our consciousness or control our actions.  Golden Sheen Obsidian can help us to “wake up” and to understand what is really happening in the world around us, and to face that reality without fear or denial.  It invites us instead to rise up to the challenge, and to make a positive difference, in whatever way we are most able.  Golden Sheen Obsidian connects us both to the strength of the Earth and the wisdom of the heavens, making it an especially good tool for shamanic practitioners and earth medicine healers.   Golden Sheen Obsidian attracts wealth and prosperity on all levels.  Golden Sheen Obsidian is attuned to the Root, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakra; is linked to Sagittarius and the element of Earth

Chakras: Root
Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius

From: Mexico

~Size: Approximately 1"

*may vary from image

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