Fuchsite Raw Pieces

The radiant and sparkling energy of the Fuchsite crystal infuses the heart chakra with healing vibrations that promote peaceful relaxation and creative, positive thoughts. The magical vibes of Fuchsite crystal properties also serve as a reminder that every moment of our life is an opportunity to choose happiness, which is always the wisest choice. Sprinkle your everyday routine with fairy dust by wearing Fuchsite jewelry and let its vibrant energy illuminate your world and help you see life with fresh eyes. The deeper you go with Fuchsite, the more joyfulness you'll find in the little things.

Chakras: Heart
Zodiac: Aquarius, Libra

From: India

~Size: $1 pieces are approximately 0.5"-0.75"
           $4 pieces are approximately 2"-3"

*may vary from image

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