Energy Healing for Women: Meditations, Mudras, and Chakra Practices to Restore Your Feminine Spirit

Energy Healing for Women is all about healing and empowerment practices for women. Restoring the feminine spirit through knowledge of female energy and power, with practices that focus on karmic release, subtle energy/chakra healing prescriptions, mudras, meditations, breathwork, affirmation use, and even healthy eating tips. Includes story examples, history, theory, and exercises.
- Empower yourself and to express your feminine energy freely
- Increase your self confidence by loving your unloved body parts
- Use your functions of mind to overcome restrictive beliefs
- Overcome negative archetypes of women that demean you and replace them with life affirming archetypes
- Enhance both your physical and inner beauty
- Enhance your intuition, creativity and sensuality
- Make the transition from a traditional relationship to a transcendent relationship
-Share what you've learned with the your family and circle of friends

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