Elemental Protection Lotion


A four seasons favourite as an SPF light moisturizer for the face, and for folks who work out in the elements...

Specially formulated to guard against wind, cold and sun, this light lotion not only protects but rebuilds skin with a complement of complete amino acids and many more skin nutrients. Cocoa butter, apricot kernel, avocado & coconut oils are naturally SPF 15.

Get outside fearlessly!

Ingredients: filtered water aqua, *rose hydrosol Rosa damascene, apricot kernel oil Prunus armeniaca, avocado oil Persea americana, * **natural cocoa butterTheobroma cacao seed, coconut oil Cocos nucifera, emulsimulse vegetable wax, grapefruit seed extract (Citrus grandis in vegetable glycerine). * Certified Organically Grown **Fair Trade Certified/Compliant


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