Elemental Oil Blends by Madame Phoenix

In western magic, the Four Elements are an intrinsic part of ritual and worship. Ruling the four seasons, the four stages of life and the four spiritual building blocks of the universe.

~Air: Rules the spring, and the dawn- youthful exuberance and fresh starts. It rules the mind and the breath- inspiration, creative words and song. Use this oil as a magical perfume to call the Air Elemental energy into your life, or burn it on candles or in an oil diffuser during rituals.

~Fire: Rules the summer and the heat of noon- the power and strength and passion of humanity in its prime. It rules the spark of life, the heat of passion and the energy of movement and creativity.

~Water: Rules the fall, and the soft cool dusk. It is all emotion, intuition and the flow of the dream world from subconscious to conscious. It rules the depths of the heart, the waters of the body- joy and sorrow; it rules love, and the sharing of love.

~Earth: Rules the winter, and the cold darkness of midnight. It is ancient wisdom, the bones of our ancestors, and the strength of the material world around us. It is sacred silence, and inner fortitude.

Made with a custom blend of essential oils, crystal elixirs and more.


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