Earned Wisdom: Becoming an Elder in Times of Chaos


EARNED WISDOM: BECOMING AN ELDER IN TIMES OF CHAOS is a guidebook for women age 50 and up. It takes the reader on a symbolic journey into and through the elder years taking into account these times of intense change and unpredictability in which we live. It focuses on the inner and outer experiences of women using the ancient symbolic language of astrology. This book offers exercises and meditations to support both the personal and universal transitions experienced at this stage in life. Using basic and easily accessible information about the astrological make up of an individual EARNED WISDOM focuses on consciously integrating our awareness of any and all of the experiences of childhood and adulthood to aid in living fully as an elder in these challenging and difficult times. To work with the information in this book it is not necessary to have an astrological chart. It is enough to know the day and year you were born. EARNED WISDOM: Part Two will address this transition for men.

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