Crashing Waves: Meditations to Set Yourself Free


crashing waves is a companion through the highs and lows of being human. the thread that ties our human body to our infinite soul. the meeting point of the timed and the timeless. a surrendering and invitation to the freedom that comes when we allow our true selves to be felt and expressed. 

in the midst of pain, loneliness, and the heartache of being human, in the moments of beauty and love, in the easy times and the hard times, in the calm, the storm, the light, the waves, crashing waves is a reminder, that we are free.


the book is divided into four chapters: calm, storm, light and waves. 
design, artwork, and writing by jenna rose.

crashing waves is a collection of writing that dives into themes of depression, trauma, growth and freedom.

It is an honest meditation on our humanness and our desire for something more

*First edition, signed by author

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