Druzy Pyrite Nodules


For Pyrite lovers, this is a wonderful piece for your crystal collection. Pyrite is made up of Iron Sulfide and occurs in many different configurations. Pyrite or Iron Pyrites is iron Sulphide also known to many as Fools Gold. In renaissance times hundreds of tons of Pyrite were shipped from the new world in the mistaken belief that it was actually Gold. Ironically small quantities of actual gold are sometimes found in pyrite.

Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears. Carry Pyrite in your pocket to protect you from both environmental pollution and physical danger.

Chakras: All
Zodiac: Leo

Ulianosk, Russia

~Size: $60 nodules are 3.5" in diameter and weigh 1lbs
           $70 nodules are 4" in diameter and weighs 1.37lbs

*may vary from image

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