Seed of Life Crystal Grid

Seed of Life Crystal Grid 
a gateway to infinite possibility -  new beginnings - brings energy towards achieving a goal - promotes harmony, balance, sincerity and truth 

Clear Quartz Point - Master Healer - Amplifies energy of surrounding crystals. Absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Enhances psychic abilities and harmonizes all the chakras bringing the mind and body into balance 

Tigers Eye - Earth element crystal that provides grounding energy. inspires courage to face our deepest fears. Heals solar plexus chakra and encourages trust in self.

Chalcopyrite - powerful tool to balance all chakras and remove any blockages that interfere with transformation. Opens mind and helps one feel “unstuck” 

Citrine - a stone of abundance - amplifies ones creativity centre allowing for manifestations to come with ease 

Fuschite - known as the ancient healers stone. Helps people bounce back from emotional distress. Allows one to tap into their intuition.  

Pink Mangano calcite - A high love vibration stone. Allows one to let go of fear and grief by assisting with self acceptance, love, compassion and forgiveness. 

Rhondanite - Grounding Stone with love vibrations. Balances yin-yang assisting one in achieving their highest potential 

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