Luna Dress by AYAM

Color: Green

Luna Dress:

Short sleeveless stretchy cotton dress printed with sacred geometry and the symbol of the Triple Moon Goddess.  Do you want sacred geometry that empowers the sacred feminine on your clothes? Well here it is! The Luna dress… a must for any and all occasions to shine! Boom!

DESCRIPTION: The Luna dress is designed from the same pattern as our famous Symbiosis dress. Only the prints vary. This short stretchy cotton sleeveless dress has an internal lining under the breasts for extra support. It can be worn with or without a bra. The heart-shaped neckline gracefully hugs your shape and highlights your curves. The dress is shorter at the front than the back. A simple, fluid and easy to wear model. Offered in two shades this year: Forest Green with Gold print or Navy Blue with White print.

SYMBOLISM: The intention that fueled the creation of this dress is to celebrate and embrace our community of goddesses and festivals sisters! Thought out in relation to all adepts of the Trance scene and followers of the new consciousness movement. Symbols you will find on the Luna dress: the flower of life, the seed of life, the tree of life of the Khabal, the merkaba, the star of David, the AYAM logo… in short, sacred geometry from A to Z! The main symbol of this epic and powerful dress is the Triple Moon Goddess. It represents the 3 phases of the moon – waxing, full and waning; the 3 phases of a woman’s life: the girl, the mother and the old wise woman. And the moon, well…it’s the goddess, the woman in all its aspects…  Connected women intrigued by the aesthetics of this unique piece of wearable art, here is a dress of empowerment, an offering to celebrate your sacred beauty, signed by yours truly, AYAM! Bonus sex appeal points and a free buffet of compliments guaranteed!

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