Chevron Amethyst Tumbled


Tumbled Banded/Chevron Amethyst is a combination of Amethyst and White Quartz, mixed together in a striped, banded or chevron V-striped pattern. Chevron Amethyst combines the strengthening and enhancing qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst. This symbiotic combination of minerals lends itself to a wonderfully spiritual stone, which is great for gently removing the veils that obscure some of the hidden meanings in life.

Banded/Chevron Amethyst encourages and supports inner strength, as well as dissipates and repels negativity.

Banded/Chevron Amethyst is one of the best stones to work with the Third-Eye, enhancing both intuition and physical vision on all planes of existence.

Excellent for all types of introspective work, Banded/Chevron Amethyst can deepen the meditative state, allowing your higher guidance to communicate. This can be achieved if you have a piece with a distinct chevron pattern. You can use it with the v-stripes pointing upward to direct energy up toward the Third Eye or Crown Chakra which can deepen meditation.

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Virgo, Pisces

From: India 

Size: $5 tumbled stones are approximately 1.5"
 *may vary from image        

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