Calcite Cobaltoan Tumbled


With heart-warming vibrations, Cobaltoan Calcite Tumble adds sweet healing energy to any crystal grid or collection. These Cobaltoan Calcite Tumbles come from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cobaltoan Calcite is also called Sphaerocobaltite. This pink crystal is known for one of the most loving minerals. It helps with the formation of friendships, activates and stimulates and clears the heart chakra and enhances love. It also encourages a positivity, dispels negativity, charges the auric bodies and facilitates a deep and stable connection with the spirit world. Use Cobaltoan Calcite as a guide to past lives. It enhances all psychic abilities and produces experiences which include contact with those of the spirit world, visions, healings and unusual manifestations. Cobaltoan Calcite can be used to induce deep relaxation and to generate ideas and solutions. It is an excellent stone for meditation. It has been used to balance the yin yang energies.

Chakras: Heart
Zodiac: Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini

From: Morocco

~Size: $5 tumbled are about 1"-1.5"

*may vary from image shown

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