Bath Salts by Madame Phoenix


Handmade in Ontario, Canada with custom salts blend, organic herbs, essential oils.

~Adonis Love: A sensual, masculine blend of organic herbs, essential oils and my special salts blend. Designed to prepare you for a night of Proud indulgence! A magickal love bath, without being overly floral or sweet- this bath blend is unabashedly sensual, musky yet still clean and fresh smelling.  

~Aura Cleansing: Spiritual baths made from my special salts blend, essential oils and organic herbs, carefully picked to remove heaviness and unwanted energy from your aura. Bathing to remove negativity, spiritual blockages and to promote healing has been a part of the magical world for thousands of years! Enjoy this time honoured magical act for yourself. 

~Blessing Blitz: Evoke good energy and bring blessings into your life with this carefully blended bath salt- filled with traditional herbs and essential oils that resonate with positive vibrations. Put them to work for you today!

~Chakra Balancing: Formulated to help cleanse, balance and heal each of your seven major chakras. Magically charged for healing and balancing. 

~Goddess: Reconnect to the divine feminine as you soak in this blended bath- full of our customs soothing, therapeutic salts blend and aromatic essential oils. Being out your inner goddess, or prepare yourself for ritual and magical work. This bath is formulated to infuse your aura with resonant energy that links to the sacred source of all life, the oldest form of divinity we as humans have. 

~Healing Energy: Made with a creamy blend of natural oils and emollients, and blended with an essential oils chosen for their healing vibes. 

~Lavender Lovers: Indulge your senses with this ultimate lavender lovers bath salt today! Lavender is well documented to help with stress and anxiety, is anti-depressant and eases insomnia. Lavender is also anti-bacterial and is proven to help ease post-operative pain in patients. Made from organic lavender flowers and pure lavender essential oil, blended with my custom salts blend to help soothe your skin as well as your mind and spirit.  

~Love is the Law: Pamper your body, sooth your spirit, and open yourself to Love. These bath salts are of the highest quality possible! Vegan and hand made in small batches to ensure perfection, my bath salts use only essential oils, organic herbs, and my premium bath salt blend of four different salts to sooth, nourish and detoxify your skin. No artificial dyes or perfumes here: only top notch magical ingredients. A perfect Valentine's gift to your lover, or to yourself. After all, Love is the Law.  

~Mindful Meditation: Use this spiritual blend as an aid to your meditating practice- made from pure essential oils known to increase focus and concentration while promoting relaxation and peace. 

~Peace of Mind: Submerge yourself and infuse your aura with a powerful blend of essential oils and magical extracts chosen to foster a peaceful energy around you and to sooth and calm you in mind, body and spirit.
Bathing to remove negativity, spiritual blockages and to promote healing has been a part of the magical world for thousands of years! Enjoy this time honoured magical act for yourself. 

~Road to Riches: Road to Riches bath salt is a luxuriant, warm and inviting bath salt made from my special proprietary salts blend, pure essential oils and organic, fair-trade herbs that smells rich and delicious!

~Uplifting: Loose those blues, run yourself a relaxing bath, take some time for yourself and soak in some sunshine! This vegan bath salt is made from all natural all organic herbs and essential oils, added to my special salts blend. Citrus-y and clean smelling, designed to leave your skin smooth and your spirits uplifted.  

~Harvest Blessing: Making magic to manifest the results of your dreams, work snd effort? Add an extra boost to your rituals with these gorgeous harvest blessing salts. The harvest season is the time of the tangible results of the harvest season - that which sustains us through the lean months.

250 ml. Vegan. 

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