Bamboo Toothbrush


Adult-sized length: 17.4cm

A durable toothbrush with soft bristles
made from bamboo, a renewable compostable grass
with white, bamboo, rainbow coloured or charcoal nylon bristles.

Each member of the household can have a different bristle colour!

The charcoal bristles are believed to help whiten the teeth.

This toothbrush is:

* 100% biodegradable body. The nylon-6 bristles are not readily biodegradable.
(ALL toothbrushes have Nylon-6 bristles unless stated otherwise.)
* Free of packaging except for the sad but required plastic wrapper or cardboard box
(Toothbrushes cannot be sold entirely unwrapped for hygiene reasons.)
* Vegan
* Handle is made of bamboo grass, not trees!
* Good for You; Good for the Earth

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