Apache Gold (Chalcopyrite & Schist) Tumbled


Apache Gold is composed of Golden Chalcopyrite and Arsenopyrite (silver) in a matrix of Black Schist. As a healing stone, I would have to say that Apache Gold is like Healer’s Gold, but amplified. Its currents are amazingly smooth, and they circulate quickly through all the chakras, bringing balance and well-being. These stones work directly on the subtle body, going to the source of imbalances that can manifest as physical illnesses. They energize one’s whole being, and they enhance the Light Body, stimulating a greater radiance.  They work on the mental level as well, facilitating entry into higher states of consciousness.

Chakras: Crown
Zodiac: Capricorn. Taurus

From: Peru

~Size: Approximately 1"-1.25"

 *may vary from image

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