Anatomy of Yoga: An Instructor's Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses


Remarkable computer-generated illustrations of the muscles used during the most popular yoga poses.

Yoga teachers and students can use this book as a visual reference to the muscles that are engaged by specific yoga poses. Each pose is shown in a full-color photograph opposite a detailed and annotated anatomical drawing that identifies the active and stabilizing muscles being used. By identifying affected muscles, practitioners can maximize the benefits of each pose and even design a personalized yoga routine that focuses on their specific problem areas.

"Anatomy of Yoga" explains the basics of yoga, breathing and the spine, concentrating on the body's core musculature. It covers: Yoga warm-up Standing poses Forward bends Back bends Seated and twisted poses Poses that balance arms Inversions Restorative poses Sequences, such as sun salutation

There are numerous asides, including "best for" information boxes that describe the muscles that work the most during each pose. Tip boxes give hints on safety and form and outline the target muscles for and benefits of each pose. The author also suggests creative ways to modify the intensity of an exercise.

"Anatomy of Yoga" is an expert guide that is extremely useful for anyone interested in enhancing a personal yoga fitness routine. It will also interest yoga instructors who want a visual aid that clearly illustrates the benefits of each exercise.

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