All Natural Soaps by Heal Thy Roots


Soothing soap to start off a new day feeling fresh & clean!
Loaded with Lavender to soothe the mind while Amazonian Pink Clay cleanses & balances skin with all its (Rainforest!) minerals
Its creamy lather is purely plant-based & involves all your senses in the experience.
You end up clean, relaxed, smelling good & feeling great for not putting toxins in your body or the Earth while showering

Hand Crafted in Ontario

Heal thy roots specializes in making healing, nourishing, sustainable & truly natural skin loving products! They are handcrafted with the safest and most nourishing food ingredients and are 100% natural. That's right: no toxic chemicals, no fake ingredients or fillers, and no names you can't pronounce!

Why? Because the skin is the largest organ of the body and its function is to protect us from the elements. It's also a major detoxification organ, so it makes sense not to overload it with chemicals to fight against, and rather nourish and support it so it can do it's job well.  Our beautiful skin deserves to be well fed and supported just like we feed the rest of our bodies, and nature has provided all we need to thrive!
That's why Heal Thy Roots uses only the highest quality ingredients, organic & fair trade plant butters, local herbs, rich cold-pressed oils... a gourmet food list, so clean that I would eat it!

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