(06/05) Ambient Portrait with OROIS & Alana Kindree

Ambient Portraits is an invitation to explore your interpretation of Art with the non-physical subject of live ambient music
Creating a safe space of receptivity, OROIS (Snappy Homefry) will guide your paint brush into explorations of shapes, movement, textures and colour.
We welcome you with the intention to play, adventure and discover Please bring your art supply and lets make some magic
6:30 Doors Open
7:00 Painting Journey
10:00 Ending
About the Hosts:
 Departing from the comforts of a distracted modern world, OROIS is the sonic exploration of a curious Piscean heart that seeks to express the Outer Reaches of Inner Space. Psychedelic in the way flowers open, enveloping as a warm blanket and encouraging like a smile evoked from the song of morning birds. OROIS is the ambient expression of Snappy Homefry who also produces through his alter ego - Kudos LoKey.   As a witness of the magnificent symphony of life on this planet, OROIS draws inspiration from the natural world to help bring the listener closer to the wonderment and beauty of our primordial relationship with the cosmos. An invitation into the heart that echoes from his own self-reflective experiences as a sensitive human living in a traumatized world, OROIS supports the strength of gentle awareness. From Playhouse Studio (Toronto, Canada), OROIS creates sound canvases to nourish feelings of connection within the staggering reality that we are 99.9% space. Through the transmission of cosmic soundscapes, OROIS fills the ethers with harmony, beauty and wonderment to reflect the reality that we are made of stardust.
Check out his music here
Visionary Artist Alana Kindree paints Stories Intended for viewers to find a Deeper Connection within themselves & their Environment. Environmental Art, Community Art, Interactive Art Installations, & Performance Art are some of the few fascinating forms of expression for this evolving Artist.
"I wish to share impactful Art to ignite Inspiration, Communication, & Action of which can bring us closer Together, experiencing Powerful Imagination, Creative Potential, & Higher Purpose for the Greater Good."
Follow her journey 

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