@ Alternative Thinking

Zen Den is a multipurpose room located at the back of Alternative Thinking shop, a few steps from Bathurst Subway Station.

The Room: 133 sf with 9” Ceiling. Zen minimal decor with natural elements like wood and different colour options for lighting.


Perfect for:

~Therapy       Ex: Massage, Energy work, Acupuncture

~Consultation      Ex: Nutritionist,  Psychotherapy, Coaching, Oracle reading

~Private Meeting   Ex: studying, project development, photography shooting

~Small Workshop (3 to 10 people)  Ex: business, crafting, presentation



~ Wifi (For Practitioner Only)   ~Free Alkaline Water  ~Access to washroom  ~Hot Water/ Tea Cups
~Meditation Cushions (10).  ~Folding Chairs (3).  ~Working Table (1).  ~Massage Table (1)   ~Smudging Shell.  ~Central Heater

Add On:

~ Teas    ~Incense/Smudging  ~Koche Chime    ~Tarot/Oracle Decks


Monday to Friday 1pm to 9pm
Saturday 11am to 9pm
Sunday 11am to 8pm
*Mornings and after store hours  available Upon Negotiation


~30$/h  3hrs -
(Includes a 15min setup 
and 15 min tear down)

~$25/h  4hrs +
(Includes a  30min setup 
and 30min tear down)


Rental Agreements


Food and Beverage
The renter is held liable for any issues generated by bringing food to the Zen Den (ie. food allergies, health complications, etc). The renter acknowledges that the consumption, distribution or selling of meat, dairy and alcohol is prohibited.
Unless otherwise stated, Alternative Thinking is not responsible for the preparing, serving or distributing of beverages or food brought to the venue by the renter, nor for the retrieving and cleaning of any glassware or other materials brought to the venue by the renter unless otherwise specified.
Alternative Thinking is a non-alcoholic facility, the serving or consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances is prohibited. If during the event Alternative Thinking discovers any violation of this term, both parties agree that the event can be terminated and any expenses or losses because of this is the sole responsibility of the renter.
Bring your own water bottle to use our Alkaline water, let’s save the planet!
Candles & Smudging
Candles and smudging/incense are not permitted without the consistent supervision of the Renter(s) and their 
agents or participants. Large open flames are not permitted inside the Zen Den. We ask a minimum of smudging and to be mindful for people who might be sensitive to the smell.
Paperless Advertising
As a means to encourage creative alternatives to distributing printed materials, we have a 'no paper' policy for advertising. This includes posters, flyers & business cards. We invite you to promote your services/event in our Facebook Community Board Alter8 
(Get in touch if you have questions about this topic or looking for suggestions)
Damages to The Space
The Renter(s) will not permit any damage to occur to the facility and will leave the premises in the same condition as when the Renter(s) entered the facility. The Renter(s) are responsible for any loss or damage to the premises and its contents by their agents helpers or guests/participants. An invoice will be sent to renters with damage costs.
The Space
The Renter(s) and their team are responsible for removing all items that are brought onto the premises. No items are to be left overnight on the premises unless otherwise agreed upon with Temple managers.
No footwear to be worn within the ZenDen excluding Emergency personnel. All footwear must be removed prior to entering the space.
Alternative Thinking, its staff, and its immediate managers or employees are not liable for any claims or action lawsuits that arise due to the use of the facility, by the Renter(s) or any of their participants during or after the above named event.
All activities must be strictly supervised by the Renter(s) or its representative(s), whom will be fully responsible for the group and liable for their participants.
An invoice will be sent to your email as soon as we confirm our availability and you agree to our house rules.  By paying the invoice, this contract will come to be effective and your event will be secure in our calendar.
*for any other payment options contact zenden@alter8.com
*taxes are not included in the price 
Event Time Overage Fee
By the end of the rental time, the renter should have already cleared out the space and make sure his guests are gone.
In case you would like to extend your time, please ask directly to the staff on spot. An additional fee of $20 per 1/2 hour will be payable at the cash register before you leave.
We thank you for your understanding and if you foresee this will be an issue for your event/rental, we highly encourage you to book a time extension for your event in advance. This can be done at an additional hourly rate and is highly encouraged for larger groups and if you feel you and your community may require extra time when departing the venue.
Cancellation policy
All events are charged in full. 
If event is cancelled:
~More than 5 days prior to the rental date, Alternative Thinking will refund 70% of the full amount.
~5 days or less prior to the rental date, Alternative Thinking will refund 50% of the full amount.
~Less than 24h prior to the rental date, Alternative Thinking will keep 100% of the full amount.