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 Light control

Light is a vibrant resonance and allows us to see in this world. With modern LED lighting we have the ability to change the ambiance of the space. Our full colour spectrum and dimmable lighting system makes the space feel how you want to be expressed. 



Private Bookings

Designed with intent to accommodate an exceptional atmosphere for social occasions on all levels, whether private (e.g. birthday party) or corporate (e.g. staff party).
We'd love to host your next get-together!

Transforms into a workshop environment with our in-house equipment (folding chairs/projector/microphone/floor cushions). 
Share a message or hold discussion while enjoying bar refreshments.

Well suited for ceremonial gatherings and group meditations, harnessing the elements present to support intimate journeys.
Share the moment together, as reflections of oneness within.



Public Hours

If you feel you add to the atmosphere and the customers experience while we are open to the public, please inquire. - CLICK HERE
 Live art | Live music | Presentations




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