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Gather at our space!

Exceptional atmosphere for social occasions on all levels, whether private (e.g. birthday party) or corporate (e.g. staff party).
We'd love to host your next get-together!

Transforms into a workshop environment with our in-house equipment (folding chairs/projector/microphone/floor cushions). 
Share a message or hold discussion while enjoying bar refreshments.

Well suited for ceremonial gatherings and group meditations, harnessing the elements present to support intimate journeys.
Share the moment together, as reflections of oneness within.


Daytime Fun!

This is an invitation for individuals/collectives/communities to share their work and passion with Alternity's community and further during our open hours.

Express yourself and group gatherings, however small and however big: the space was made for you in mind. If you feel you add to the atmosphere and the customers experience while we are open to the public, please inquire.

 Live art | Live music | Presentations | Pop-up Booth



Available Equipment 

Mics  |  Sound System & Mixer  |  Projector
Folding Chairs | Floor Cushions | Folding Tables

House Rules


Food and Beverage

If Alternity allows for the renter to bring food or beverages to the venue, the renter is held liable for any issues generated by this (ie. food allergies, health complications, etc). The renter acknowledges that the consumption, distribution or selling of meat, dairy and alcohol is prohibited.

Unless otherwise stated, Alternity is not responsible for the preparing, serving or distributing of beverages or food brought to the venue by the renter, nor for the retrieving and cleaning of any glassware or other materials brought to the venue by the renter unless otherwise specified.

Alternity is a non-alcoholic facility, the serving or consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances is prohibited. If during the event Alternity discovers any violation of this term, both parties agree that the event can be terminated and any expenses or losses because of this is the sole responsibility of the renter.

Bring your own water bottle and we will refill it for you, let’s save the planet!


The Space

Smoke-free space: no smudging* or smoking inside. No smoking 9 meters from the building.  *We do accept a minimal incense burning. Just asking to be mindful as this is a closed space and some people might be sensitive.


Sound Rules 

Please be considerate of hosting an event that includes loud bass music since our neighbors are next door. Our space is designed for live music sound experiences and less for bass/house music. You can continue on to play lounge and ambient music after 11pm until agreed time.


Paperless Advertising

As a means to encourage creative alternatives to distributing printed materials, we have a 'no paper' policy for advertising. This includes posters, flyers & business cards. (Get in touch if you have questions about this topic or looking for suggestions)


Damages to The Space

All damages that result in a substantial amount will be held against the renter. An invoice will be generated and sent after the evaluation of the damage.



An invoice will be sent to your email as soon as we confirm our availability and you agree to our house rules.  

By paying the invoice, this contract will come to effective and your event will be secure in our calendar.

*for any other payment options contact events@alter8.com
*taxes are not included in the price 


Event Time Overage Fee

By the end time of the rental, the renter should have already clear out the space and make sure his guests are gone.

In case you would like to extend your time, please ask directly to the event manager on spot. An additional fee of $30 per 1/2 hour will be payable at the cash register before you leave.

We thank you for your understanding and if you foresee this will be an issue for your event, we highly encourage you to book a time extension for your event in advance. This can be done at an additional hourly rate and is highly encouraged for large groups and if you feel you and your community may require extra time when departing the venue.


Cancellation policy

All events are charged in full. If the event is canceled up to 48 hours in advance of the event date Alternity will refund 50% of the full amount.


Space Capacity

Sitting capacity for movie screening, workshops, talks etc. - 50-60 comfortable 

Social events - 108 people




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