Collabor8 with Alter8

Alter8 Family is all about collaboration with other visionaries for a better world. Spreading what we value essential to better living to a broader audience can’t be achieved without your partnership.

Let’s connect the hives where all parties feel abundant. Here are few ways you can join Alter8 Family:

Become an Wholesaler

We pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of healthy lifestyle products, from Organic Nuts and Herbs to Handmade Body Care products and Crystals.

If you are a practitioner/business owner, and would like to see what we have to offer, fill out this form.

Become an Affiliate

We have spent years sourcing the best suppliers, creating a one-stop-shop for all Alternative Lifestyle products, all in one place.

This is a good opportunity for Influencers, Bloggers, content sites, large marketplaces and health practitioners who want to offer their clients/followers quality products.

We have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize.
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Be Featured in our Toronto Lifestyle Boutique

From eco-products, to textiles, jewelry, or pottery, we love to share with our broad audience some of the most talented makers.

If you are an artisan, writer, or entrepreneur and would like to see your products on the shelves at Alternative Thinking, please email

Limitless Potential

If you want to collaborate with Alter8 in any other ways, we would love to hear from you.

Whether you would like to feature our products(or business) in an article, exchange your services for goods, or any other creative way that comes to your mind. Please email