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Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari was born in 1994, on the 20th of February in the city of Pucallpa (or tierra colorada). Craddle of the visionary artist pioneer Pablo Amaringo and of Luis Tamani an emerging talent.

Both are his inspirations.

Son of Sir Sthaline Melendes Flores and Miss Alicia Ahuanari Yumbato, it’s at 12 years old that he discovers his love for art. Thanks to Miss Ruth he will learn how to paint and draw.

In 2011, at only 16 he enters the Superior and Public Art School Eduardo Meza Saravia of Pucallpa. And during his academic education he discovers an interest for the medicinal plants which allow us to purify our bodies and minds. Keys for a peaceful and happy life.

For his professional title he will investigate more into this subject sharing through his artistic visions the wisdom, the properties and their use. So as to help elevating human consciousness for the inner union between mind and heart and the outer union between each individual and the world that lives and dreams around him.

In 2014 he was nominated the 3rd of a visionary art contest of body painting.

In 2015 hardly had he finished his studies that he is nominated the first of a visionary art on mural contest.

In 2016, January he is invited for the first time out of Pucallpa. In Tarapoto where he will paint a mural and be nominated Young Artist Revelation of The Year and be said the best muralist among the foreigner and local artists participants. He then comes back to his home to continue his medicine path with the intent of contributing to the preservation of his ancestral culture and to share the importance of the medicinal plants to help the human beings to be in balance.

At the end of the year he is invited for the first time out of Peru, in France to participate to the famous Chimeria visionary art festival of Sedan ! Where he exhibited among great artists from all over the world, like the members of the Academy of Visionary Art from Vienna, Austria.


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