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Elixir Bar • Events • Lounge • Cafe

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Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri: Noon - 9pm
Wednesday: Noon - 7pm
Saturday: Noon - 5pm
Sunday: Closed

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Birthplace of Inspiration

We intend to fulfill a need not yet accommodated within our city. Alternity is a space where wellness is the primary, in all regards. Our mission is to create a space with alternatives for how we indulge, consume, and connect with each other. A community living room where we can gather and come closer to like-minded individuals.

Coffee culture has long been based around the coming together of great minds and thinkers. The philosophers, artists, revolutionaries, and change-makers (way-seers) of our communities. A place where great change has developed through conversation and the coming together of minds.

The physical space created for Alternity was developed with the concept ‘Heterotopia’ in mind. A term coined by Foucoult meaning 'a social space of otherness at once physical and interpsychic’, created to curate the mind spaces for an experience.


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