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“a realm where all alternatives exist simultaneously” - John C. Lily

 elixir bar • events • lounge

Monday: Noon - 9pm
Tuesday: Noon - 9pm
Wednesday: Noon - 7pm

Thursday: Noon - 9pm
Friday: Noon - 9pm
Saturday: Noon - 5pm


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nourishing the mind, body, and spirit with nutrients and flavors

catering available


ever~present ambiance

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natural elements at play

holographic infinity installation

by FlyPhi Studio 

visionary art by local artists

birthplace of inspiration

 We intend to fulfill a need not yet accommodated within our city. Alternity is a space where wellness is the primary, in all regards. Our mission is to create a space with alternatives for how we indulge, consume, and connect with each other. A community living room where we can gather and come closer to like-minded individuals.

Coffee culture has long been based around the coming together of great minds and thinkers. The philosophers, artists, revolutionaries, and change-makers (way-seers) of our communities. A place where great change has developed through conversation and the coming together of minds. 

The physical space created for Alternity was developed with the concept ‘Heterotopia’ in mind. A term coined by Foucoult meaning 'a social space of otherness at once physical and interpsychic’, created to curate the mind spaces for an experience.

 locally sourced

A part of making sure our food is at the highest quality while having less impact on the environment is to source local. We source from companies that work with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that allows consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer with many advantages to both parties. 

 zero-waste commitment 

From our biodegradable plastics to food companies like Feedback, we look for ways to limit our global impact on the planet. We also compost our food waste and our micro-farm excesses. 

 quality water

Our water is double filtered and ionized. We use the Aqua-charger to balance the pH of the water used in our cooking and the water served to our customers. 

 powered by plants

It's simple: our food comes from plants. Our complete facility is based around plants and how they work with our human experience. We use plants as a way to reduce the impact on the earth and also provide all the basic building blocks to life.


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