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What is Alter8?

Fundamentally Alter8 is the media portion of our umbrella, a carrier of messages on models, analysis, insights and inspired vision. An information entity with the sole purpose to circulate awareness on holistic frame-works and inspirational messages. Governing and guiding Alternative Thinking & Alternity with the philosophy, set of principles, knowledge and sense of culture formed around the spirit of ‘one-ness’. A digital brand that is set out to produce, distribute and curate content that reflects our cultural values, presented as alternative lifestyle solutions. Our ‘whole-brain’ approach to the spectrum of thinking covers effective structures and rational deduced concepts as well as tapping into our potential for being inspired and awed by sense of beauty and feelings of infinite love. The term 'transcending language by using language' was formed in this process, hinting that states of mind achieved by guided messages can be amplified, revealing depths of the 'source code', higher forms of truth. The focus is on the 'word' being used as a conscious medium for achieving transcendental states beyond semantic forms.


Why does Alter8 matter?

Any journey to heal as whole is well worth documenting, researching and structuring thoughts as ideas or poetic beauty to be transmitted to others, supporting other’s path by shear resonance. Consciousness manifests when information is relayed or connected to another set of data, bringing about more awareness, just like the visual of a synaptic spark when a network is formed in neuro-circuitry. We reflect this concept of higher connectivity and greater information exchange to our practice in business by exploring mutually beneficial models. Having more options for exchange is inherently advantageous by increasing the potential for ultimate benefit derived as a result. There's more room in idea off 'exchange' than the monetary value that gets presented on the price sticker for products on our shelves.



How is Alter8 taking form?

We strive to establish an environment where an over-the-counter transaction is more than just an exchange of money and goods. Our mission is to provide a platform where sharing maps-of-meaning can be seamless and practical. We do this by bringing awareness to the nature of language, decoding and interpreting messages that circulate our collective nervous system. The use of conscious communication is our formula for enhancing clarity of vision and encompassing greater understanding. The quality of communication being the focal point for evolving relationships with customers, business partners and ultimately ourselves. We’re implementing better ways to have informative product presentations, systems that help determine the choices we make when we exchange with one another.


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