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what is Alter8?

Information entity circulating awareness and inspiration. Guiding body with the philosophy, set of principles and knowledge of the alternative culture. Holistic approach to the spectrum of thinking covers rationally deduced concepts and the awe of infinite love. Language is our vehicle to mapping the transcendental, the yet unsaid.

why does Alter8 matter?

consciousness manifests when information is relayed or connected from one point to another, bringing about more awareness, just like the visual of a synaptic spark in a neural network. Conscious communication is our formula for enhancing clarity of vision and encompassing greater understanding. 

where is Alter8 heading?

 Quality of communication being the focal point for evolving relationships with customers, business associates and ultimately ourselves. We’re implementing informative systems that help determine the choices we make when we exchange with one another, a step towards redefining the notion of a transaction. Striving to establish an environment where business is more than just an exchange of money and goods.


Hugh has been providing the foundation of knowledge for forming Alter8 by drawing upon wisdom cultivated from life-long self research. His website features poems, videos, articles and workshop listings.


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