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Eating is about nourishment and providing our mind, body, and soul the resources to function in harmony with the world around us.

At Alter Foods, that starts with our raw ingredients and how we go about preparing your food. 

We source many of our ingredients from our retail store Alternative Thinking, providing high nutrient ingredients to the Toronto community for 10 years. This serves as the foundation to how we build our menu.

We take the time and prepare as much as we can from scratch and by hand. We believe that this process maintains the energy and vibration of the food.



We also grow sprouts and micro-greens from seed stage in our micro-farm. Sprouts are living food and are an amazing source of the building blocks to our body. Their nutrients are really off the charts and also add an amazing texture and flavour to your eating experience. The micro-greens are tasty, a great water supply, and an easier process for our bodies to access nutrients than eating full grown out leafy greens. This makes the whole experience of eating from our micro-farm an enriching one.   


The Food Network

We aim for awareness in serving food and have a cognitive approach to the impact on the world around us. Some of the ways we do this is by:  

Locally Sourced

A part of making sure our food is at the highest quality while being less impactful on the environment is to source local. We source from companies that work with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that allows consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer with many advantages to both parties. 

Zero Waste Commitment 

From our biodegradable plastics to food companies like Feedback, we look for ways to limit our global impact on the planet. We also compost our food waste and our micro-farm excesses. 

Quality Water

Our water is reverse osmosis filtered. We also use an Aqua-charger to balance the pH of the water used in our cooking and the water served to our customers.

 Plant- Based Meals

It's simple: our food comes from plants.

Our complete facility is based around plants and how they work with our human experience. We use plants as a way to reduce the impact on the earth and also provide all the basic building blocks to life. We work with the Vegetarian Association  & Happy Cow that promote this plant-based lifestyle. 

Network Partners:



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Elixirs, Smoothie Bowls, Entrees, Sweets, Infused Mock-tails, Tea Lattes, Tea Blends, Signature Coffee



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