CANCELLED (06/15) Sensual Renaissance: Transform Suffering Thru Art

With Cheyenne Sapphire
I believe in the therapeutic power of art.
There’s a reason art therapy is on the rise, there’s a reason why we listen to certain songs, watch particular movies and love looking at compelling photos. Because it heals. In the most glorious, provoking and powerful ways.
How can you heal your pain?
You can go to yoga, go to therapy and do all the things -AND you can make art. Simple. Enjoy the process. Feel the feels. Give yourself permission to express your emotions and create. Poetry, dance, visual art. Whatever it is that you feel called to, you can do! This doesn't mean you need to be an 'artist' or want to become a professional-it means you want to connect with your creative energy which will help you in every facet of life. It means you want to connect with your sensuality-because sensuality and creativity are two sides of the same coin.
Phase 1 (Before June 1st): $30
Phase 2: $40
Only 15 spots

Who is this for?
• Anyone who is having writers block or who needs to get out of their head
• Anyone who wants to learn how creativity affects sexuality and vice versa
• Artists who have been in the industry for a min and need to return to source
• Artists who need to connect with the reason they became an artist in the first place
• Entrepreneurs who need a fresh idea
• Anyone who wants to have fun
The workshop will include a visualization, movement portion, writing techniques, creative flow, tantric exercises for releasing stagnation, Prayerformance & activities to access your abundant creative energy.
You will:
• Release creative blocks
• Break free of insecurities
• Shift your imposter syndrome
• Find Inspiration
• Stimulate confidence with your art
• Release creative blocks
• Embrace your quirks
• Anyone who wants to unlock their creative potential
• Step into power as artist
Tantric Dance
In tantric dance we explore the realm of the sacred….not as some distant place we need to seek or go to sometimes but in the realization, the remembrance and the redemption in knowing that it is us- that we are the divine having a human experience. The fusion of tantric techniques with movement helps cultivate this awareness and embodiment so that we become invigorated with our higher selves and life’s purpose.
We observe sensations on a magnified level; we tune our chakras to release inhibiting mindsets and reach higher states of consciousness, we live with trust, we open our channel and may become clairvoyant/clairsentient/clairaudient, we stimulate our abundance and we have mind blowing orgasms!

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