Goa Belt with Heart by The Fairies Pyjamas

Colour: Dark Olive/Black

Adorable leafy multi pocket compartments for your multi complicated pixie universe.

This pixie elf belt has an incredible 12 pockets intertwined within it. The heart is the center of the design, place it on your lower back and wrap the belt around your hips, thread the belt thru the D link and match up the snaps to your size in the middle front.

The heart is a secret pocket in itself. Pull the Velcro apart to open and push together to seal. On each side of the heart are identical compartment open flap pockets with secure zipper pockets inside. They snap shut and have leafy embroidery design on them.

Beside these leaf pockets there are the front facing pockets. On the left is a teardrop accordion zipper pocket with another zipper pocket inside of course!

On the right is a horizontal flat zipper pocket above an embroidered flower of life small quick grab pocket.

Like all our Fairies Pjs belts there are pockets on the backside, perfect place to secure your passport or other valuables you want to know where they are, know they are secure, yet hidden when you reach for a couple bucks, a lighter or your sage.

Throughout the design are D links perfect to clip a carabiner to. Use the one on the heart for your tail. The D links on the front for keys or a water bottle.

Inspired by the leather goa belt design on the festival circuit, ours is vegan, organic, washable and is full of playable functional love.

Material: Organic cotton twill with ‘antique’ brass hardware.

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