Teardrop Leaf Pouch by The Fairies Pyjamas

Colour: Black/Turquoise

 Great for elven and fairy folk who want to have their hands free on their next big adventure, our Leaf Teardrop Pouch maximizes storage space in a small elegant package.  Our outer pouch now comes with thicker embroidery that both shows off the attractive leaf design and serves to reinforce the fabric. With 4 pockets (2 of them zipped), you can be sure never to lose the potions and spell scrolls that are a necessity for all intrepid explorers.

Like our other hip-belts, we’ve sized the pockets on this item with some of your specific belongings in mind. The front pockets are perfectly accessible for items such as your phone and wallet and also include zippers to keep these items safe when you don’t need them. Behind the waistband and against the body of the wearer is an additional pocket for items such as Passports and large bills that require extra security.

Adornments on this item include antiqued brass hardware such as snaps, rings, and belt adjusters. The rings are perfect for securing a carabineer for those times you just don’t have a free hand to hold your keys or water bottle. By loosening the belt adjuster our hip-pouch becomes a small satchel-style bag to be worn over the shoulder or across the chest as desired.
Materials: Organic Cotton Twill

Sizing and Fit: 
Two Adjustable sizes. If you want to wear it primarily over the shoulder we suggest the larger size so the pouch hangs a little longer. 

Small/Medium: Smallest setting 24". Largest Setting 38".
Large/XLarge: Smallest setting 34". Largest setting 48"

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