Double Leaf Pocket Belt by The Fairies Pyjamas

Colour: Dark Olive/Black/Light Olive

Fairies like leaves: and fairies … they like to collect the most precious, unique and oddly shaped items and organize them on to their waist belt. Some might even suggest that fairies have to have their belongings symmetrically organized in order to be considered a true fairy. You decide. But what we do know is that this double satchel is symmetrical and it has all the fairy flavors.

Let’s start in the very middle. Here is the heart shape, it rests on your lower back It is a secret pocket and it has a brass ring perfect for your spirit tail to clip onto.

On each side of the heart are identical curved V shaped pockets with pockets inside the pockets… Here is where the fairies organize their items. Flip the leaf shape flap up to find the kinda sidecar ‘quick grab’ pocket. Then behind that is a magnificent open pocket, it is the whole shape of the V and then cleverly positioned into the body of the belt is the real deal zipper money pocket. That is where you’ll be zipping up your most valuable items. Snap all those closed with one big leafy flap snap.

And of course: there are 2 pockets on the backside of the design. We like to call them: fairies passport pockets. Both are generous so you can continue to gather all the odds and ends on your fairy forest walk.

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