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                                   These panties replace the disposable sanitary towels and tampons.                                             HOW DOES IT WORK?     Mme L'Ovary...




          These panties replace the disposable sanitary towels and tampons.

                                                HOW DOES IT WORK?



    Mme L'Ovary allows us to make sense of our lives by taking care of ourselves, while contributing socially and environmentally.

    Ecological (for the environment!): Did you know that...a woman will have her menstruation on average 13 times a year, or 520 times in her life. The same woman will use more than 10.000 sanitary towels, pads and panties during her lifetime, producing a grand total of 28310.96 kg of waste.

    Ecological (for yourself!): Did you know that... Because the vaginal wall is very absorbent, the chemicals and toxic substances contained in the sanitary pads and tampons penetrate the body very easily and the body accumulates these toxins over time and become dangerous to our health.

    Economical: Did you know that... The average woman spends $12 per month on pads, sanitary pads and painkillers. $144 per year – $1440 for 10 years and it continues...


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    Mme L'Ovary and the menstrual cup make a dream team! If the cup leaks, Mme L'Ovary will act as an extra protection. It also allows women to choose the times when they prefer to let it flow. In fact, the cup can sometime be little uncomfortable or even unnecessary when the flow is very light.

    Most women who use our Mme L'Ovary reduce the use of the menstrual cup by 50%! Especially at night, the underwear makes it easy to dream wildly and enjoy maximum comfort.

                                        Mme L'OVARY MISSION

    • Allow every woman to live healthy and optimal menstruations
    • Provide a concrete and practical solution to reduce toxic waste on Earth by providing an alternative to disposable sanitary products.
    • Spread a positive message around menstruations.
    • Change the World drop by drop, one uterus at a time...

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