Cedar Leaf Hyrosol Spray


Also known as  arborvitae, white cedar or  “Tree of Life”.  The cedar tree is part of the  cupressaceae botanical family which includes both red and white cedars.  It is native to Canada and other parts of North America.  Although it is often referred to as cedar, it’s not actually part of the cedar family. 

This exquisite sweet and refreshing hydrosol has been used for centuries by many native cultures to purify the air, remove negative energies and attract healthy positive spirits. According to North Amercan legend, cedar is considered the protector as it is a favorite of the “Thunder Beings” .  It is common practise to burn cedar leaves, incense made from the tree or spray the hydrosol during thunderstorms as the legend also indicates that lightening will not hit a cedar tree.

100% Natural. 

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