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  • Wintertime in the City

    Wintertime in the City - [shop_name]

    On-The-Go Immunity Maintenance

    The cityscape is an anomaly in comparison to the pace winter usually dawns on the rest of nature. The busyness of this working hive, brain, and technicolour forest we reside in, doesn’t seem to slumber when our season darkens. It could be argued that there are even more offerings in the city at this time. This is in part the greatness of our landscape. Without falling...

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  • Thinking Alternatively - Valentine’s Day

    Thinking Alternatively - Valentine’s Day - [shop_name]

    Radical Self Love: What Does It Really Mean?

    When you hear the term self love, what comes to mind?

    There seems to be this image of what “good” self care and self love look like. Some thoughts that come to mind are around emoting joy, clarity, and lusciousness with and for yourself. Engaging in actions such as brewing a beautiful bath, making...

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  • Breakdown to Breakthrough ~ Inviting Transformation into 2020 with Alternative Thinking

    Breakdown to Breakthrough ~ Inviting Transformation into 2020 with Alternative Thinking - [shop_name]

     “How did you manage to stay here?”
    “Have you seen what’s going on outside?”
    “You folks are on an island!”
    “Woah, those holes are deep!”
    “I’ve never noticed you before, how long have you been here?”
    “Oooh! I’m so glad you guys are still here!”
    “You’re not leaving are you?”
    “What are those...

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  • Alter8 Symbolism

    Alter8 Symbolism - [shop_name]

    We call upon the butterfly to guide us into higher forms of embodiment by hovering around in our clothing section for those looking for ways to add radiance to their expressions.

    Spirit of embodiment. We relate to the butterfly by embodying and radiating, in full expression, a colorful display of the vibrancy we are capable of transmitting. The wings of the butterfly being a canvas, an artistic reflection of beauty....

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  • 10 Year Anniversary

    10 Year Anniversary - [shop_name]

    A feeling emerged from the desire to centralize the knowledge that was under-represented in conventional institutions. This notion was led on by a personal quest, like many of us, to better understand the nature of the human experience.
    The more we seek to become aware of the phenomenology of being and our understanding of ourselves, part of the journey becomes to review the work of the spiritual teachers and the...

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