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  • Ayurvedic Season

    Ayurvedic Season

    According to Ayurveda (ancient alternative and yogic medicine based from India) keeping the nervous system stable through fall is our number one tool for maintaining strong immunity and staying healthy.

    Ashwagandha (best used with Maca - to boost energy and balance hormones) is Ayurveda's most important herb for Vata-type anxiety.

    Vata is the air element, and when the air is dry and cold, the human body tends to get out of balance and...

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  • Moringa Leaf & Plazmalab

    Moringa Leaf & Plazmalab

    The moringa tree is native to India. To make a powder, the leaves and flowers from the tree are naturally dried and ground.

    The resulting moringa leaf powder contain high levels of iron, vitamin A, and magnesium, which are proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue, boost the immune system, and treat anemia!

    With high levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, and antioxidants, moringa helps to protect skin cells from oxidative stress, helping...

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