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Shuni Giron & Toño San - [shop_name]

It's great honor to highlight the work of these two wonderful souls. Acting in service to delivery the message of ancient worlds and civilizations and how they apply to day and our current experience.  

Shuni and Toño spend a majority of their time traveling around the world talking and training people on the wonderful life of Mayan and Aztec culture, relationship with plants, sacred fire, and perspective on time and the calendar.

Exploring and educate the relationship of these cultures using psychedelic with respect and intent and how the 'eye of the beholder holds the key...'

"Psychedelics are variable plants, combined with our consciousness is how they work"

Spending some of their time in festivals were they are raising the vibrations of thousands of people at once. They've opened for such international festival like 'Tribal Gathering' or our Canadian 'Eclipse Festival' and during the festivals they hold space for a conscious connective journey, 'being one on the dance floor'.

Shuni and Tono are 'Bring the offering back' to the intent in the sacred fire. The offering is what makes us strong and opens the 3rd eye. Opening people on how to receive energies from the sun and bringing harmony to all the elements.

On there arrival to Toronto Canada, Natalisa (@natalisamoore) got the chance to sit down with them and ask a few questions. 


Shuni interview from Alter8 on Vimeo.


Conscious Psychedelics : The Meeting Of Science & Spirituality

Sept 21st 2018


During their time here they also set up a panel to talk with people on many perspectives and schools of thought around the use of psychedelics. From Plant healers, Scientists, Researchers, Spiritual Guides, Naturopaths and Curanderos to bridge the scientific and the spiritual sides of conscious psychedelic culture and help us understand the future of this movement. 

Click here to see more about this conference or watch the videos below. 

 This was a 2 part night

Night One

Second Night


Some of the other events that she put on at Atlernity when she was here where:

The Ancient Use of Sacred plants by Mayas and Aztecs

If you wish to reach out to here are their contact information



Thanks from the Atler8 community - 


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