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Visit from Matt Kahn - [shop_name]

Within the alternative realms that open through the doors of Alternity, at 333 Bloor Street West in Toronto, we had the pleasure to receive Matt Kahn for a short interview as he was finishing up his North American Tour.

Sideon Inphinitri (@inphinitri) & Scott Sniedzins (@thebeingstate) dove deep with questions they have had for Matt, as they have been following and integrating the teachings that Matt shares on his YouTube Channel. These questions explore the journey of expansion from the body and back into the body, the integration of the shadow, working with the divine feminine and masculine within, Matt’s daily practices for grounding and embodiment, and understanding what to do when we are the abuser of ourselves or another. This interview left everyone full of insight, and with gratitude.


Matt Kahn’s books can be found online here or your can pick up his books from Alternative Thinking @ 758 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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