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LOVE; the infinite primordial expression. LOVE; the reason the universe exists. LOVE; the feeling that intensifies our human experience.

Love is undeniably our greatest inspiration and reason for existing. What is life without love? What is our daily experience if not guided with love? How do we find our dharma without true love for purpose? If we do not have love in our lives, we wander aimlessly through reality endlessly searching for something that makes us feel alive.

Love is where we soar some of the highest truths we’ve ever known, and where we can dive into the deepest depths we’ll ever feel. Love can be experienced in the tiniest fragment of time, as you stroll down the city street on a summer’s day and see a sprout emerging from the cracks in the concrete sidewalk and immediately feel a connection to the essence of existence. Love can be felt when two strangers glance at one another through the windows of trains travelling in opposite directions and recognize each other’s soul as a twin flame. 

“I walked towards you in the sub-twenty evening air because the warmth of your smile would be like that of a thousand suns. “You, with the deep sea eyes that hold so many of life’s greatest wonders, the eyes that love gazing at the sun just at much as they love staring at the night sky, the eyes that stayed open through the journey down the darkest valley and came out on the other side with night vision.” (Pandora Skyes)

"How deep we can breathe. It's reciprocal, real energy. Love is magic. It's manifested in a space we cannot exactly identify or categorize. It's unseen but felt. It's a source of soul. It's new, and old. Love can occur in the light and the dark. Love is cultivated in the heart yet can stretch out over seas. You can fall in love with almost anybody, if you accept vulnerability. And love isn't just reserved for those you wish to deeply kiss. It's for friends, for children, for strangers. For animals. For nature. Love is one of the best things we can share and experience in life, when done right. Love is a paradox, an enigma, a truth. Love is me. Love is you." (Cherrelle Sea)

Love is how we truly recognize ourselves; how we can witness the infinite expansion of our beings with a feeling that words can try their best to describe, but will do no justice. The many forms of love are endless; this human experience has gifted us with the opportunities to explore this pleasure with abundant possibilities. Tantric philosophy teaches us to look at life through the lens of no separation; that we are an integral part of this entire Gaia system, that we are not above or below any object or person, that we are entirely a fundamental, co-existing part of this galactic expression as a whole.

Let us look past the traditional ways that love has been shown in our culture, where a man and woman come together and unite in marriage thus finding true love, and invite the soothing idea that we can experience cosmic union with the primordial life force energy by connecting deeply with our own own beings; thus witnessing our souls wholeness, independently without the need of another human being. Let us allow this truth to ignite our deepest passion and love for life, to guide us to our purpose of elevating the consciousness of planet Earth. Once we have rehearsed our solo dance with the divine balance of masculine and feminine energy, and mastered this choreography that is actually our innate blueprint, then we can collaborate with another whole soul and truly co-create a magic that is capable of bringing forth a new paradigm of sacred relationships; one that can transcend ancestral karma and effortlessly build heaven on Earth, through the portal of divine love. 

This kind of love is not reserved for those who are enlightened beings, or who have lived a “spiritual” life. This love is available to every single being in the Universe, for it is where we were birthed from, and it is where we will return. To achieve this magnitude of love may seem unfathomably to some, but rest assured it is within reach; in fact, one needs not reach at all, but remain still and silent, and just receive. Everything exists within, we are vessels for divine consciousness to flow through, all we need to do is connect with our hearts wisdom and trust our own divinity.

When we are staring up a sky dazzled with a billion stars and marvel at the miraculous mystery that existence presents, allow yourself to turn that gaze inwards and recognize that within each one of our cells is that very same image that delights our eyes; and what makes up the fabric of creation also allows our souls to wander through Earth in this physical body. We are literally operating with the same structure as the Cosmos, there is no separation between us and that, and once we remove all limiting thoughts, all that remains is love.


Pure, blissful, unconditional, infinite LOVE.



Written by:

Natalie Moore



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