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Alternative Holiday Season - [shop_name]

It is the end of 2018...Can you believe it? 

What a full year it has been!

and it ends with a bang!

(we are including an astrology forecast so keep scrolling down for all the goodies!) 

Welcome to December!
Our BIG News !

due to popular demand

we are bringing back the AlterFoodsCafe to Alternative Thinking!!! 

This means our nourishing soups and mouth watering treats and magical fairies are back to make DELICIOUS meals and snacks for you to Grab&Go as you enjoy your super Chill Holiday - shopping experience while we play some epic music to bring an ALTERNATIVE Frequency to the Holiday season... there's enough madness and cheesy Christmas songs out there

AND We appreciate change and making a difference...

for your Alternative Lifestyle ;)
Construction is set to be complete by Mid December! 
We are Excited! 
We hope you LOVE IT ! 

Because we LOVE Good Food and sharing it with our community! 
So VISUALIZE This... as you are shopping for your unique gifts, sipping on Chaga Tea (Medicinal Mushroom Tea), having the BEST Vegan Nanaimo Bar after your super delicious and nutritious daily soup made fresh by loving hands... you realize, WHAT DO I GET FOR ALL MY BELOVED FRIENDS & FAMILY?!

...Well, we visualized that same experience, and that Nanaimo bar WAS AMAZING!!! So we decided to make it easier for you and created a SHOPPING GUIDE to make your experience even better! 

Because We LOVE to LOVE
and Share that LOVE...
Not only during holidays LIFE IS ALWAYS ABOUT LOVE :)

For The Holistic Mystic 
Crystal Bath Salt Bombs
what crystal will you get at the end of your bath experience
For the Cosmic Musician
Chakra Series Singing Bowls
Tank Drum
For the Book Lover
Books & Tarot / Oracle cards
expanding your mind & consciousness 
connecting to your inner guidance
There are many more gifts that would
inspire change
in the lives of your loved ones
our conscious clothing made from natural materials and

loving hands (not factories)

to inspire and encourage 'Conscious Consumption' and

'Ethical Shopping Experience'
You are not just buying T-shirts

you are supporting a movement

that cares about our Soil, Landfills and Planet ! 

For the Health Conscious
Foodies and Wizards
Medicinal Mushroom Teas , Tinctures , Herbs and

Amazing Superfoods to Activate  

Rejuvenate . Elevate and create an overall

Avatar Human Experience
Elixirs of Health & Vitality
and of course,
Crystal Grid Magic • Tapestries • Alter Art
jewelry arts and crafts
Astrological Insights

i'm sure we all hoped the theme for December would be light and full of rainbows and unicorns after the radical theme of TRUTH in November...but lo and behold... the theme of December is 
well, here are some ways to navigate as gracefully as we can through yet another portal of expansion and evolution

Written by  Lena Stevens from The Power Path 

This is a month of transition and CHAOS is what happens when you have many moving parts that are disconnected and have not yet found their place to land.

Chaos is the astral plane, or spirit world revealed, without form, where anything is possible if you are willing to let go of resistance and use your creativity wisely to arrange those moving parts into something you want. This is the realm of the artisan (one of the coming influences for 2019) and can either be incredibly innovative and forward thinking or highly destructive. So, you will have to pay very close attention to how you want this energy to play out in your life.

There are two major influences at play this month. One is the stabilizer that wants us to organize and stabilize the chaos and get back into control of our lives. The stabilizer is an important influence as it can keep us somewhat grounded, practical and focused. However, it has a negative side that can also get us stuck in old patterns not able to move on. This will not feel good.

The other is the destabilizer that supports chaos and wants to keep those moving parts disconnected until a time when it is clear where they should land. The destabilizer influence is important as it helps to break down what needs dissolving as well as keeping those moving parts from solidifying too soon. The negative aspect of the destabilizer influence is that it can cause overly impulsive behavior that is destructive instead of constructive. Your task and real work this month is to keep these two influences working together in a balanced way so you can creatively make the changes you need to make without jeopardizing your sanity.

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