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Masks of God

Masks are powerful. According to Joseph Campbell, masks allowed our ancestors to combine play and worship with the help of their evolved imaginations. 

The mask allowed the wearer not just to act as if, but embody the spirit, god or archetype. With their innate ability to suspend Aristotelean A-B logic, our ancestors also made ecstatic spectators--experiencing the mask not as a mere representation of, but as a potentially powerful and healing actuality of the spirit, archetype or god.

With practice, we too can learn to open our minds, shift our faculties from primarily the linear left-brain to the holistic right-brain processing, and rekindle the childlike awe that stems from skillfully wielding our imaginations. In turns, this endows us with an intense tool for healing through spiritual shapeshifting.  


 Above is  a photo of Lenka, playing Ganesh: the remover of obstacles. Behind me are a few of our many handcrafted Tibetan masks, carved in the image of animals and archaic deities.


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