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2018! A Reflection - [shop_name]

We embrace the holiday season with those we love, celebrating the magic of life and all the abundance it has to offer. We share stories in the sanctuaries of our homes nestled in the city with friends and family about our experiences, accomplishments, breakthroughs, expansions, connections, trials and tribulations of the past year. One common thread of discussion is the amazing community that we are so grateful to be a part of. As the year winds down to an end, we reflect on the year 2018 as a whole; what transformation and beauty it brought for us, and we begin to plant seeds of intention for the New Year so that we can have a fruitful 2019, reaching far and wide in universal love.

As many of you may know, our biggest achievement this year was the re-opening of Alternity at our new location at 333 Bloor St. W. It has been a dream of ours to expand the café, which was previously located on Christie Street, into something bigger that could support the dreams and visions we had for Alter8. With visualization, manifestation, patience and a little bit of good luck, the opportunity presented itself to move and step into greater alignment with our ability to hold space and nourish our community. We obviously had to jump on this divine train and begin new adventures for the company! The transformation from Willow Books to Alternity is night and day; picture a used bookstore which had towering bookshelves filling each wall up to the ceiling on all three levels of the store, to a beautifully modern open-space concept, psychedelic infused holistic vortex where all alternatives exist. YES – your wildest dreams CAN come true; and this is JUST the beginning!

Since the opening in June, we have already grown so much and have had some pretty epic collaborations within our community. The birth of the weekly social Chocolate Groove has been a portal into sacred connection, dance, expansion, artistic expression, and a safe space for many to unwind and nourish themselves.

We held many workshops in the realm of conscious psychedelics, plant medicines, tantric breath work, new moon sound baths and ceremonial rituals, visionary art parties and shamanic gatherings.

We have also taken our kitchen department to the next level – perfecting our elixirs, making new raw food desert recipes, heartwarming stews and soups, and creating the epic coconut bacon wrap that is fully plant based, fully organic, and fully delicious. We consider ourselves visionaries – we aim to elevate the consciousness of the planet, starting with our home city, Toronto. We do this by creating a realm where one can experience a more holistic lifestyle by choosing organic plant based foods, supporting local businesses/art, and embodying a life centered around love and connection.

In 2019 our intentions are to bring more sustainable practices to Alter8; we value our precious Mother Earth, and want to make sure that our business operations reflect that. Starting with reducing our plastic packaging, using more biodegradable products, encouraging the use of re-useable water bottles at our events, and sourcing locally when possible. We also want to nurture the collaborations with fellow visionaries to continue creating epic, out-of-this world events that will blow the minds of Toronto.

*And now a moment of gratitude* because none of this would be possible without the continued support of our community. We thank you, we honour you, we love you!


We’re excited to connect in the New Year!

Much love,

Alternity & Alternative Thinking

written by Natalie Moore

IG: @natalisamoore


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